How to get a free .edu email account

.edu email addresses give you access to discounts on all kinds of things including software, tickets, and online services. Normally you have to be a student to access those perks, but there are a few ways to get it for free:

California Colleges     homepage

California Colleges is a state website that provides information to students to help them discover more about California schools. They happen to also give free email addresses!

email portal registration is somewhat of an amorphous service. Formerly known as, and even more formerly, the service has long allowed users to create accounts through various domain names. One of the acceptable domain names is an obscure Although technically not an edu domain name, it does include .edu in the URL, and using an email address from this source can be good enough to register for certain sites and services.

South Mountain Community College      

South Mountain Community College is a large school based in Phoenix, Arizona. Check them out and sign up for their free email account.

Once you have your edu email address here are some of the awesome things you can do with an .edu email address:

•   Free 1 year membership to Amazon Prime for Students.

• Hardware and software discounts at Deals include $100 price savings on MacBook Pros and $130 off Microsoft Windows 8 Pro.

•   Free Microsoft software through Dreamspark

•   Free Prezi upgrade

•   Free AutoCad

•   Discounts on Adobe software

•   Double space allocation for referrals

•  And possibly discounts on your phone bill.
There are a ton of additional free perks. Do you know any particularly good ones we missed? If so, list them in the comments!

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  1. meaning you can’t sign up for free amazon prime (even trial) with these issued .edu accounts now

  2. The Maricopa email is no good anymore.

    They require you pay for classes before giving out an email address.

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